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Kerry is President of Turning Point Consultants LLC and an Episcopal priest who was born in the Deep South and has lived across the globe. She specializes in multicultural ministries, race relations, pilgrimage and reconciliation. Kerry has been personally a pilgrim on many different paths. She was the founder of the Nativity Center for Pilgrimage and Reconciliation; a Trinity Grants recipient. Kerry is a contemplative and a storyteller and lived among the Blackfeet of Montana for a decade of her training. She comes from a long line of healers.

Kerry’s wish is a global renaissance of healing through the sacred. She and Zara’s work has been formative in collaboration, bridge-building and creative outpouring of the spirit. She lives with her daughter and husband in a log cabin on Monte Sano Mountain in Appalachia.

Education: Furman University, Greenville, SC, B.A. Psychology, Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, NJ, M. Divinity, CPE 

Zara Renander's Story

Zara Renander was born in India and has a British background. She has traveled extensively and brings her knowledge of the world and experience in crossing cultures to her work in pilgrimage, conflict reduction and reconciliation. For four years she was Director of a center for Pilgrimage & Reconciliation in Alabama expanding her awareness of ways to engage in healing and deepening our approach to conflicted situations. She has been a trusted companion and guide for many.

Zara's wish is to participate in healing. Kerry and Zara have been friends and worked together over an 18-year period. Their styles are complementary providing a wealth of experience and depth.

Education: University of St. Catherine, St. Paul, MN, M.A. Theology
Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Minneapolis, MN, CPE 2         Westminster Hospital, England, SRN (Nurse).


Joshua Williams' story:

Joshua Williams enlisted in the US Army Infantry upon graduation. He served with the 1st Infantry Division, 1-28 Infantry Battalion as the first Brigade in the troop surge of Baghdad in 2007. He also served as a non-commissioned officer during OIF 09 prior to his honorable discharge. Joshua had a profound experience with labyrinth upon his first Honor Walk and has since shared that experience with veterans across the community. He has since returned to Iraq in humanitarian efforts working with the children, youth, and refugees in the region. He currently mentors fellow veterans and young men in initiation along the Hero’s journey path toward Noble Warrior.   He serves as the veteran coordinator and consultant for Turning Point Consultants LLC.

Education: Samford University, BS Physics