Join us in July 2018 on a pilgtrimage to Iona, Scotland (See Pilgrimage tab). We'll travel to the Hebrides and explore the importance of reconciliation in our conflicted world.

This Fall we'll lead a powerful  pilgrimage to the New Mexico desert, where we will be guests of the Benedictine monastery of Christ in the Desert. We'll learn about the Desert Fathers and Mothers and the Enneagram and find that silence really is golden, and yes, the sky really is that blue and at night the stars shine like golden lamps!

 Tunning Point Consultants is a licensed Federal Contractor

Tunning Point Consultants is a licensed Federal Contractor


Labyrinth Facilitation and Training

We train people to use labyrinths for wellness, resiliency around life transitions with and for their own communities. We are specialists in designing labyrinth walks around the context of participants’ lives and stories. Our deep knowledge of the wisdom traditions, storytelling and structure allows us to design meaningful experiences that take us inside and then outside into the world again.

Community Speakers

We are accomplished retreat leaders and speakers and can design leadership development conferences. We help community organizations or groups re-imagine their work through training, workshops, and event planning. Our work building on the importance of healthy communities includes Suicide Prevention for the U.S. Military and their families.


Pilgrimage involves movement—travel, walking a labyrinth, or following a short path. By its very nature, the pilgrimages we set up will invite us to move beyond comfortable paths and ruts, journeying to new places that can change you forever. It’s not the distance you travel, but the depths you reach!  We are skilled pilgrimage companions and will happily design a pilgrimage for you around your own requirements.